The high-speed line Rhin-Rhône is an important link for the European high speed network, as it connects France, Switzerland and Germany in the heart of Europe, and it indirectly improves connections to Great-Britain, Belgium and Southern Europe. The first phase of each branch consists of the 140 km stretch between Dijon and Mulhouse and will be in service as of December 2011.

For this line Lamifil was chosen to supply the catenary wires. A total of 500 tons of contact wire and over 1.500 tons of conductors, in copper and copper alloys as well as in aluminium and ACSR, was ordered through the French contractor ETF and through SNCF.

In conclusion of our collaboration on this major project, ETF commented that Lamifil is “one of the most efficient companies ETF worked with on the LGV Rhin-Rhône project” and it considers Lamifil to be “an excellent partner”.