Lamifil extends know-how in Copper & Aluminium specialty wires

As one of the leading manufacturers for overhead conductors and railway cabling, Lamifil has extended its expertise into the field of copper & aluminium specialty wires. Being able to cast alloys within the company, Lamifil can respond easily to the customer’s needs. The wide range of alloys are being used in various industries, such as automotive, aviation, power industry as well as in consumer goods.

Different alloys

Lamifil is producing different copper alloys which all have their specific characteristics. The different chemical compositions influence the tensile strength, elongation, electrical conductivity and flexlife of the wire. Especially Lamifil’s production of CuMg and CuCd show an extremely high tensile strength in combination with good conductivity. Depending on our customer specific requirements and end-user application we manufacture the optimal wire for your need.

For the automotive industry Lamifil is researching the possibilities of new alloys in aluminium, such as 6082 and 6056. At the moment Lamifil is in the process of testing these new alloys to explore further possible applications.

Recently Lamifil also expanded their range in the 5000 series (AlMg), with alloys up to 5% Mg. This completes already the wide range of 1000, 3000 and 6000 series Lamifil has in portfolio.

Different wires

Next to wire rod and drawn wire, surface treated wire is one of the many possible products Lamifil produces. For certain applications the surface finish of the wire is a critical parameter that results in an exceptional surface quality. The surface treated wire is also ideal to be drawn to fine end diameters, thanks to its superior processability. Also in the packaging of these wires interesting progress has been made, such as the octabins, resulting in a cost-effective alternative that is produced under better working properties.