Lamifil obtains ISO14001 certificate

Lamifil and its employees are proud to announce that we have obtained the ISO 14001:2004 certificate. This certificate ensures our customers as well as our employees that environmental impact is being measured and constantly improved. With this systematic framework Lamifil will manage the immediate and long term environmental impacts of our organisation’s products, services and processes.

Since many years Lamifil is committed to reduce its environmental impact. This commitment extends to our production processes, where the production of CuCd catenary and speciality wires is subject to the highest environmental standards, but it’s also reflected in the design of our products.

Our overhead conductors (GAP, ACCC and AAAC UHC) yield the lowest losses in the industry. By upgrading an existing ACSR conductor to an AAAC UHC conductor we are able to reduce energy losses by 19%. GAP and ACCC conductors achieve even better results.

Our catenary wires for high speed lines present equally impressive results, with the best mechanical and electrical specifications. Our CuMg high conductivity contact wire, an environmental friendly alternative, offers 16% better electrical characteristics, compared to EN50149 rail standards.

Our specialty wires support the reduction of CO2, since our aluminium and copper alloy wires are used in the automotive industry to reduce the weight of cars.

In addition to the  ISO 14001:2004 Lamifil also holds a ISO 9001:2008 and an ISO 17025 certificate for our testing laboratory.

Please find our EHS policy statement here.