High voltage connection AAAC UHC Beverwijk – Vijfhuizen commissioned

SPIE completed its work for the TenneT Randstad North Conductor Assembly Beverwijk – Vijfhuizen project in August. TenneT tested the connection extensively and commissioned on September 1, 2017.


For this project, Lamifil manufactured the AAAC UHC AMS 620 conductor – an All Aluminium Alloy Conductor with Ultra High Conductivity. This conductor was designed to improve transmission capacity and reduce losses.

AAAC UHC Conductor

AAAC UHC Conductor


The work consisted of realizing the 380 kV conductor assembly of the high-voltage connection between the extended Beverwijk power station and the new Vijfhuizen station. In total, the conductor was mounted in 38 mast locations (76 masts) and two raising points on both sides of the North sea channel.


TenneT has developed a new type of high-voltage pylon: the Wintrack pylon. This innovative pylon replaces the existing one and causes a sharp reduction of the magnetic field zone. The Wintrack pylon responses to social and technological developments and makes it possible to make the most of the available space in the area.

Wintrack Pylon

Wintrack Pylon


Improving the efficiency of conventional overhead conductors is becoming increasingly more important when upgrading existing lines. TenneT TSO is one of the leading companies in this respect and discovered that advanced ultra high conductivity conductors will not only reduce the total cost of ownership of their network but also help reducing CO2 emissions. Both resulting in serious savings.
Lamifil has extensive experience and expertise developing Ultra High Conductivity alloys with over 10000km of AAAC UHC lines installed.

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