Lamifil supplies ACCC Antwerp for the Stevin line in Belgium

Belgian TSO Elia selects Lamifil’s ACCC Antwerp conductor to double the load transfer capacity of a 380-KV line.

The current 150-kV grid in the coastal region of Belgium was insufficient to supply all future energy needs. The Stevin project would provide a new 380-kV connection between the coast and the existing 380-kV backbone grid. It addresses four major needs, of which the connection to the growing offshore windfarms in the North Sea and the interconnection capability with the UK are the most important.

ACCC Antwerp

Lamifil offer for ACCC was not only selected because of the technology also the extensive testing we were able to conduct in our iso17025 certified lab provided Elia with the technicial security required. In addition, our extensive service package before and during installation offered Elia the required security.

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