Lamifil’s ACCC® installation completed by ANDE

In August 2017, the Administracion Nacional de Electricidad (ANDE) Transmission Line Maintenance Crew replaced an ACSR conductor with a high-capacity, low-sag conductor to increase the capacity of the existing 66kV San Migule-Puerto Botanico transmission line in Asuncion, Paraguay. The engineering team determined that the 219.9 mm² (434 kcmil) ACCC Copenhagen was the best economic and technical option for upgrading the line compared to several other alternatives.

The finished ACCC conductor was provided by Lamifil. Hardware was provided by Preformed Line Products.


This was ANDE’s 7th ACCC conductor installation. Between 2014 and 2016, Lamifil also manufactured and delivered 425 km of ACCC Brussels to ANDE.

For more information, please contact Johan Alfasten.