Lamifil Catenary Wires Revive Iconic La Mure Railway Line in the French Alps

Lamifil catenary wires La Mure project Built between 1880 and 1884, the La Mure railway line is situated in the French Alps of the Isère Department. It was originally used to transport coal from the local mines to the valley. After decades of service as a tourist train, La Mure line was interrupted in 2010 due to a massive landslide. As part of the local administration’s rehabilitation project, Lamifil was chosen by railway infrastructure company Colas Rail to help re-electrify and revive this historic line.

Lamifil catenary wires La Mure project Lamifil supplied in total 15 km of copper 150mm2 contact wire for the ‘Train de La Mure Marche LAC’ project. The installation of the wires on this metric track was carried out by Elektroline a.s. A special machine with a platform and a towing trailer for tram lines and public transport was used for the installation and the transport of the Lamifil copper wire drums.

Scheduled for re-opening in 2021, ‘The Little Train of La Mure’ can finally unlock the region’s splendid scenery again to tens of thousands of visitors every year. Lamifil is very proud to have contributed to the revival of this iconic railway line.