Lamifil presents its first Sustainability Report

Lamifil is excited to announce the publication of its first sustainability report. It provides an overview of our company’s approach and initiatives to contribute to a sustainable future, reduce its environmental impact and provide added value to its key stakeholders – including employees, customers, partners and shareholders – and society at large.

“As a company, we are committed to reducing our impact on the societies we interact with and the environments we operate in. In addition, our stakeholders increasingly expect us to demonstrate how we develop innovative technologies and implement more eco-friendly processes to reduce our impact. This first sustainability report is an important step in our commitment to them,” says Filip Goris, CEO of Lamifil.

Our report highlights how sustainability is embedded in all aspects of our business and the four main pillars of our strategy.

Connecting with our customers via sustainable products

The first chapter zooms in on our efforts to reduce the environmental impact of our products and our initiatives to innovate and develop products that contribute to energy efficiency and sustainable communities, while responding to modern energy, transport and manufacturing challenges.

Connecting with the future through eco-efficient manufacturing

In the second chapter, we discuss our approach and the key drivers of our transformation towards sustainable manufacturing, including innovation, efficiency, digitization, and people-centric production. Our new aluminum melting facilities is one of the key examples supporting our progress in this area. Using a unique production process and state-of-the-art equipment, our new melting facilities not only increase product quality, employee ergonomics and safety, they allow us to significantly improve energy efficiency, decrease emissions and reduce material loss.

Connecting with each other by increasing wellbeing & safety

People at the center of everything we do. So if we want to succeed in becoming more sustainable we must build and nurture a culture and working environment that puts people first, embraces diversity and allows people to work together safely. Our plan to realize this, called Safe2Connect, is the key subject of the third chapter of our report.

Connecting with our environment as a corporate citizen

As a global player, we have been deeply rooted in Hemiksem, Belgium for over 90 years. We cherish and continue to write this rich local heritage. How we take up our responsibility as a local corporate citizen and connect with our key stakeholders, is the narrative of the fourth chapter.

“This is our first report but we intend to provide annual updates on our performance. We are aware that there is still a lot of room for us to grow further and mature in our sustainability approach. This truly is a continuous process of learning and evolving that we cannot realize without the contribution and input of all our stakeholders,” Filip Goris concludes.

You can download our report on