Lamifil to supply 700 km of ACCC® Conductor to reinforce Dutch high voltage backbone

“Beter Benutten Bestaande 380kV net” (Making Better Use of the Existing 380kV grid) is an ambitious project initiated by transmission system operator TenneT in 2019 to significantly scale up the capacity of the Dutch high voltage grid. Not by building new lines, but by replacing existing conductors with next-generation HTLS (High Temperature Low Sag) conductors. The goal is to prepare the Dutch grid for the rapidly growing production of sustainable energy. After Lamifil was selected to provide conductors and installation support for two other project stages, it has now been awarded the contract to supply +/- 700 km of ACCC® Warsaw Conductor for the upgrade of the Krimpen aan den IJssel – Geertruidenberg trajectory.

Preparing the grid for growing production of renewable energy
Energy production from sustainable energy sources, such as wind farms and solar parks, is growing fast in The Netherlands. As renewable energy production depends on weather conditions, it is less predictable than other energy sources. To cope with the inevitable peaks and troughs, TenneT is upgrading several of its existing high voltage network lines throughout the country between 2019 and 2025. Krimpen aan den IJssel – Geertruidenberg is one of those critical connections to enable reliable management of these dynamic renewable power transmissions.

Advanced ACCC®  Conductor doubles capacity and reduces sag
As the whole idea behind the programme is to upgrade rather than to build new lines, conductor choice is critical to avoid tower replacements and keep reinforcements to a minimum. Choosing HTLS (High-temperature, Low-Sag) conductors allows Tennet to nearly double the Krimpen aan den IJssel – Geertruidenberg 380 kV line’s capacity from 2,500A to 4,000A, while actually reducing sag and maintaining dimensional characteristics such as weight and diameter. Lamifil will supply around 700km of custom-designed ACCC® Conductor with a composite core and a trapezoidal-shaped outer layer, replacing the existing ACSR conductor in a triple bundle configuration.


A challenging project requiring intensive preparation
The Krimpen aan den IJssel – Geertruidenberg reconductoring project requires intensive preparation and supervision during the installation, which is planned for 2022. Some of the project challenges include installing the new conductors in the 4 highest towers (143m) in The Netherlands and towers that can only reached by boat. Moreover, the trajectory has several crossings over busy shipping routes (Amer, Lek, Nieuwe Merwede and Beneden-Merwede), highways and other power lines.

As TenneT’s partner, Lamifil’s role will not be limited to conductor manufacturing and delivery. Lamifil will provide a broad scope of auxiliary products and support services including fittings and accessories, training, supervision and testing.

A smooth transition to sustainable energy
Part of TenneT’s strategy is to ensure a smooth transition to sustainable energy. Reconductoring and upgrading over 191km of its high voltage 380 kV backbone will help to achieve that transition and ensure sustainable and reliable power supply in The Nederlands. Lamifil is proud to be able to contribute with state-of-the-art products and extensive field experience.