Tailored properties for cold forming application

Aluminum alloy wires – typically EN AW 5052, 5754, 6101 or 6082 – can attain medium to high strength levels. The process enhancements in our new casting facilities offer a number of advantages for cold forming applications. The chemical composition of alloys can be finetuned in our casting facilities to get more uniform mechanical properties. […]

The advantages of Octabin cardboard packaging for drawn copper alloys

Lamifil helps its customers with flexible and cost-effective packaging solutions for more sustainable and efficient transport. For drawn copper alloy wire from 0.9 to 4.0 mm, the hardboard Octabin packaging offers several advantages. These are the main ones: Robustness Thanks to its octagonal design, Octabins offer an extremely solid construction that can withstand heavy loads […]

How Desox aluminum wire on coil improves the steel manufacturing process

In modern production of high quality steel, deoxidation is a common practice. During the cooling process of steel, excess oxygen may cause blow holes or accelerate the formation of iron oxides. That is why metallic deoxidizing agents are added to remove excess oxygen from molten metal. Lamifil Desox aluminum products have been used to this […]

Creating Belgium’s high-voltage highway for the future

Lamifil supplied 260 km of AAAC UHC (Ultra-High Conductivity) overhead conductors for a vital and unique backbone upgrade of Belgium’s national grid. Belgium’s national grid operator Elia is continuously developing its high-voltage grid system or ‘backbone’ to support the energy transition and increase interconnectivity within the European grid network. One of the key high-voltage development […]

Lamifil to supply 700 km of ACCC® Conductor to reinforce Dutch high voltage backbone

“Beter Benutten Bestaande 380kV net” (Making Better Use of the Existing 380kV grid) is an ambitious project initiated by transmission system operator TenneT in 2019 to significantly scale up the capacity of the Dutch high voltage grid. Not by building new lines, but by replacing existing conductors with next-generation HTLS (High Temperature Low Sag) conductors. […]

Meet the aluminum specialty sales team

Listening to and working with our customers, we are continuously improving our high-quality aluminum products for the manufacturing industry. Supported by our new melting facilities, our new developments include improved material characteristics, larger diameters, various alloys and coiled profile wires. We have forged a strong commercial team to serve our customers and expand our footprint […]

Lamifil Achieves Silver Sustainability Rating from EcoVadis

Lamifil is very pleased to announce it has obtained the Silver Sustainability Rating from EcoVadis. The silver rating underlines Lamifil’s structured and proactive sustainability approach as well as policies and concrete actions on major issues. Lamifil’s score puts it within the top 25% worldwide of all companies rated by EcoVadis. The EcoVadis framework assesses a […]

Michel Heeren joins Lamifil as Business Development Manager Copper

We are excited to announce that Michel Heeren has joined the Lamifil sales department as Business Development Manager Copper on May 31st. In this position Michel will be responsible for further expanding our footprint in the copper specialty markets, with a focus on applications for our new alloys and developments. He will work closely with Jurgen […]

Lamifil sustainability

Lamifil presents its first Sustainability Report

Lamifil is excited to announce the publication of its first sustainability report. It provides an overview of our company’s approach and initiatives to contribute to a sustainable future, reduce its environmental impact and provide added value to its key stakeholders – including employees, customers, partners and shareholders – and society at large.  “As a […]