Connecting with our customers

We connect with our customers by providing added value with tailor-made solutions.

Your needs are our focus

Do you believe the way a business partner works is as important as their high-quality products? We do, and that is why Lamifil is built around customer needs.

Flexible services

Lamifil - Logistics

Through custom design, implementation training and support and our accredited lab, we provide flexible services for your specific needs.

quality through certification

Lamifil - ISO Certified

Our commitment to quality management
includes ISO 9001, ISO 17025,  ISO 14001 and
OHSAS 18001 certification.

High-quality products

Close-up of Lamifil Specialty Wires

We offer a comprehensive range of aluminium and copper products and their alloys, designed to improve efficiency and add value for our clients.

Global markets

Overhead Conductors in Flower Field

We are a global partner for leading railway, energy and manufacturing companies in over 75 countries.

90 years of experience

Throughout the 90 years of its existence, lamifil has shown its ability to adapt to a changing market an rapidly evolving customer needs.