Railway and Urban transport Solutions

The full potential of rail is yet to be realised. With an increasing demand for lower emissions and greater reliability, combined with an increased choice for passengers, rail network operators are looking for ways to increase efficiency, and lower Total Cost of Ownership. Lamifil designs and produces catenary wires to provide you with railway and urban transport solutions to face these challenges and enable your rail network to reach its full potential.



Rail is two to five times more energy-efficient than road or air,. The EU’s Roadmap 2050 for a low carbon Europe foresees rail as a major contributor to cutting oil dependency and reducing greenhouse gases in transportation by 60%. With goals of shifting 50% of road freight over 300 km to rail by mid-century, we see more and more electrification projects appearing and old diesel lines being electrified. Reliable railway and urban transport solutions play an increasingly important role.


Passenger expectations for reliable and on-time services increase constantly. Hence, interruptions due to temperature conditions (snow, ice, etc.) and cable breakages are no longer acceptable and increase the need for reliability of catenary lines. Any emergency intervention not only means high costs, but also loss of revenue as train services cannot continue for some time.

Additionally, copper theft has become a serious problem in Europe and worldwide. It poses a threat not only to daily operations and scheduling, but also to passenger safety.


Rail competes with cheap airlines and the car to offer passengers increased mobility. To compete effectively, however, it requires networks to offer reliable, high-speed, cross border lines with good local connections to tram lines. This puts increasing pressure on networks and their catenary systems to ensure those demands are met.

railway and urban transport solutions


  • Increase capacity: Upgrade the capacity of existing lines by replacing catenary wires, whilst keeping existing infrastructure or build new lines with innovative catenary wires.
  • Reduce losses: Better-designed catenary wires reduce losses and increase efficiency, which contribute to lowering your total cost of ownership.
  • Reduce total project costs: Reduce the number of substations in new-build projects with innovative catenary wires.
  • Increase reliability and offer better service: Use high-quality products that withstand wear and tear, thus reducing maintenance and emergency interventions.
  • Environmentally friendly: Saving energy means less co2-emission, resulting in greener solutions.