Aluminum alloys – Our difference is your benefit

Tailoring products to customer needs

We produce wires, cables or conductors perfectly tailored to our customer’s specifications and production processes. From large diameter wire rods to round and shaped extruded or drawn wires, we develop customized products for various applications in the automotive, construction, consumer products and steel industry, among others. Our offer includes a very diverse and wide range of aluminum alloys available for mechanical and electrical use, within the 1000, 3000, 5000, 6000 and 8000 alloy series, as well as in Al59 and AlZr.

Together with our customers, we look for the most efficient packaging solution to reduce weight, volume and transportation costs.

Helping our customers to improve efficiency

We use a state-of-the-art production process based on continuous melting, casting and rolling, allowing our customers in turn to produce cost efficiently, especially compared to production using billets. Our production method ensures homogenous and stable material characteristics and reduces imperfections and inclusions. We can offer precise diameters, various lengths within the same product range and shapes and sizes customized to our customer’s processes.

Our product quality and our ability to deliver long and seamless lengths on coil, enables our customers to maintain continuous production runs, reduce downtime and interventions, decrease material losses and waste and even increase storage efficiency.

Putting our knowledge to work

Next to our expertise in specialty wires for manufacturing, we have decades of experience producing high-end and innovative overhead conductors and catenary wires. We leverage our knowledge of wire drawing, stranding, extrusion and cold forming processes, to advise our customers on materials and compositions for their specific industries.

Our customers turn to us as material experts to help them improve their products. Our fully accredited lab is fitted with up-to-date equipment and staffed with professionals. Performing a variety of standardized or custom tests on the customer’s samples in our lab, we determine product properties and assist our customers to continuously improve quality.