GAP+ is a superior heavy-duty conductor. It is probably the best choice for the most severe climatic loads and temperatures. Available in conventional or closed designs, it uses Extra High Conductivity high temperature alloys with up to 61,5% IACS. Its Mega and Giga high strength galvanised steel cores are separated from the aluminium alloy by a controlled gap. A design that effectively reduces sag under all conditions.

Lamifil HTLS Conductor GAP+ that helps breaking the ice load
  • Built for tough conditions
    GAP+ conductors have excellent sag behaviour both for high temperature and high climatic load conditions. Thanks to its self-damping characteristics, GAP+ adequately reduces the effects of vibration due to wind and ice loads. The combination of steel, galvanisation, aluminium and grease can resist up to 210°C continuously and even up to 240°C emergency temperatures.
  • Suited for long crossings and low-profile designs
    As it can be designed for any size and RTS, the GAP+ conductor is well-suited for long crossings or low-profile lines.
  • Increased capacity
    GAP+ can offer twice the capacity of an ACSR conductor with an equivalent load on the towers. Moreover, at low operating temperatures it is up to well over 10% more efficient than an ACSR conductor.
  • Cost-effective
    Overall, GAP conductors are cost-efficient HTLS conductors. Using conventional materials, they can be designed for any core strength and used in cost-effective grid upgrades.

Section of the new HTLS conductor GAP+

Lamifil has developed an innovative and patented installation method for GAP+ conductors that is as straightforward as a standard ACSR installation. It requires only standard tools and equipment and works very well on rough terrain or when access to towers is difficult. Thanks to this new and patented method, semi-tension sets and destranding of aluminium layers are no longer required.

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Discover in this case how a grid operator uses GAP+ benefits to address a challenging line upgrade including a long valley crossing in rough terrain and though climatic conditions.