Lamifil’s CuMg alloy offers significant improvements over standard CuMg. Using the EN50149 standard as a starting point, the improvements deliver advantages in several areas:

  • Reducing the diameter of the messenger wire, with the same conductivity. This reduces the amount and weight of raw material required, which leads to considerable savings. Replacing a CuMg cable with our CuMg HC cable, allows a saving of up to 6.5% in copper weight.
  • Reducing the number of substations. Instead of building substations every 20 km, our high efficiency CuMg allows them to be placed at intervals of 50 km. This reduces total project cost significantly.
  • Reducing Joule losses. Total Cost of Ownership is reduced by reducing energy losses on the lines, This not only has a positive impact on the environment, but also adds up to substantial savings on yearly operational costs. For example, with 50 km between substations and 10 km per autotransformer, with a frequency of one high-speed train per 10 minutes, the reduction in Joule losses add up to 500 000 € per year, per 1000 km.
  • Increasing the frequency of trains on your line by 15%, could directly lead to improved earnings.

This illustrates how diverse the advantages could be for every project, and how we are able to offer better suited solutions. Clients have also seen the incredible contribution we are able to deliver when included in the design phase of a project, as it ensures offering you the best possible options before things are set in concrete.

We are developing innovative new alloys, details of which we would be pleased to share with you.

Comparison of the electrical and mechanical characteristics of some of our alloys


Every railway infrastructure owner or installer knows the cost and time implications of creep. After installation one can allow a certain resting period to compensate, or one could try frequent measuring, and constant maintenance.  However both options are time consuming, expensive and result in a network at standstill.

Using our in-house ISO 17025 laboratory, Lamifil has introduced a participatory research programme to better understand, and control, the effects of creep during and after installation of copper alloys such as CuMg, CuSn, CuAg, etc. This exhaustive research, will lead to much more efficient installation, thereby decreasing costs for installers and operators. This programme is open to interested companies. In the future, we plan to initiate further research programmes.

Join our participative research programme

Lamifil offers different marking possibilities for catenary wires, offering benefits for various industry challenges:

  • Traceability: Imprinting a unique production code, project name or client name makes it easier for installation crews to recognise wires and their intended projects. Furthermore, production lot coding adds to traceability for fault detection and maintenance.
  • Identification: Marking catenary wires with an extra groove or by using a Z-shaped wire in the cable, makes identification of the type of material used easier when it comes to replacement.
  • Theft: To discourage theft, anti-theft markings are the primary means of deterrence. We can also add an extra alloy that pollutes the value of the copper when melted. Both methods discourage theft and allow for traceability when stolen materials are intercepted.