The following copper alloys are currently in our range:

  • Copper
  • Oxygen-free copper
  • Copper cadmium alloys
  • Copper cadmium tin alloys
  • Copper tin alloys
  • Copper magnesium alloys
  • Copper phosphor alloys
  • Copper silver alloys

As a general rule, all our copper alloys are used in wires where high-tensile strength and good flexibility are necessities and where electrical conductivity needs to remain high. If you don’t see what you need, don’t hesitate to speak to our R&D team. They will happily join you in the search for the perfect solution.
In 1998, Lamifil began producing CuMg as an environmentally friendly alternative to CuCd. Both CuMg and CuCd are alloys with high strength, high conductivity and superior flexlife. Automotive for instance is a market where the
increased tensile strength and high conductivity have allowed to replace Cu-Etp for specific applications.

The result for these wires is the reduction of copper by more than 50%, resulting in volume, weight and cost reductions to the OEMs. The new CuMg NG has a flex life that is approximately six times greater than that of Cu-Etp, while CuCd has a flexlife nine times that of Cu-Etp. Lamifil has experience in casting copper alloys. We began on an industrial scale in the 90s, developing insight and expertise. Today we are still expanding our portfolio. The tensile strength, elongation possibilities and electrical conductivity, as well as the resistance to bending, vibration and movement, vary across our copper product range. We assist you in determining the ideal material for your needs.

The new CuMg NG has a flex life that is approximately six times greater than that of Cu-Etp.

Comparison of the tensile strength


Comparison of the flexlife

Comparison of the conductivity