Planning your visit

  • Your Lamifil contact will schedule an appointment with you and confirm it by sending an e-mail with instructions.
  • If you do not make it to the appointment in time, please inform your contact person. This way we can take it into account in our visitor planning.
  • Our visiting hours are between 9.00 and 16.30. You can visit us before or after these hours, although certain services may not be available then. It is best to check with your contact person in advance.

Upon arrival at our site

  • Our site is easily accessible by public transport or by car.
  • A speed limit of 15 km/h applies on the entire site for passenger cars.
  • If you are entering the company premises with a passenger car, follow the middle lane for passenger cars until just before the barrier. This way you will not have to wait behind stationary trucks. At the barrier, turn right into one of the 2 temporary parking spaces, where you can park your car in order to report to the doorman.
  • The visitor car park is located by the main building beyond the barrier. The car park to the left of the barriers is reserved for staff. After registration, the doorman will open the barrier for you. Drive straight on until just past the weighbridge and turn left into the visitors’ car park and the entrance to the main building.

Charging your electric or hybrid car

  • If you drive an electric or hybrid car, you can use Lamifil’s charging infrastructure which is located on the visitor’s parking.
  • There are 2 charging stations with in total 4 charging points of 11kW.
  • You can use your own charging card to charge at a very economical rate of 0,22 euro per kWh.
  • There is no time limit for visitors using our infrastructure.

Registering with the doorman

  • As a visitor, you must always register with the doorman. After registration, the doorman will notify your contact person.
  • You will then receive a visitor’s badge and guidelines for visitors. Wear the badge visibly at all times, so that our employees recognise you as a visitor. At the end of the visit you must return the badge to the doorman, who will sign you out as a visitor.

General safety guidelines

  • During your visit, you will be accompanied by a Lamifil employee.
  • For your own safety as a visitor, you must wear personal protective equipment (PPE) on the entire site, except in the main building and on the access roads to the main building from the outside. Please read the important information below on this page under ‘Personal protective equipment (PPE) and clothing regulations’.
  • Forklift trucks are frequently used in the production area and in the courtyard of the production area. Always stay on the designated walking paths.
  • A general smoking ban applies on the Lamifil site. Smoking is only permitted in the designated smoking areas. Smoking products must be extinguished in the provided ashtrays.
  • The Lamifil site is equipped with surveillance cameras. Visitors are also informed of this by means of pictograms on the site.
  • In the event of an emergency, an emergency procedure is initiated. In that case, listen for the emergency signal and a possible evacuation:
  • Certain parts of the business premises are difficult or inaccessible for persons with reduced mobility. 

Personal protective equipment (PPE) and clothing regulations

  • To avoid discomfort, we recommend that you wear appropriate clothing and closed, flat shoes with rubber soles.
  • In the production areas, the following PPE standard is mandatory:
    • Safety glasses
    • Safety shoes S3
    • Long trousers and a long-sleeved vest
    • Hearing protection
    • Fluorescent vest or vest with reflective stripes
  • Lamifil can provide you with safety glasses, hearing protection and a fluorescent vest. It is best to bring your own personal safety shoes.
  • Some departments of the company have stricter rules in place with regard to the wearing of PPE.

Guided company visits

  • In the case of group guided company visits, we ask that you never leave the group without the guide’s permission. Always use the designated walking paths.
  • In certain departments there are specific safety guidelines that must be strictly adhered to. Your guide will give you the necessary guidelines.
  • Photography and filming are not permitted during the visit without the explicit permission of your guide.
  • Never touch materials or machines without the permission of the guide. Some materials may be hotter than they look.

Wireless Internet access

  • Wireless internet access via Wi-Fi is available to visitors on our site.
  • In order to be able to make use of the Wi-Fi, you will need to request a personal login and password from Lamifil. You can do this by giving your email, surname and first name and the number of days you require internet access, to your contact person.

If you have any questions about your visit to Lamifil, you can always contact your contact person. You can also contact us via


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