Kent relies on Lamifil ACCC® ICE+ conductors for increased power capacity

The 400kV overhead line that runs between Littlebrook and Kemsley in Kent, UK has been in operation since 1962. And with demand expected to rise over the coming decades, National Grid recently launched a full-scale refurbishment of the line to secure the reliability of supply and anticipate future growth. The EPC contractor Babcock International ultimately chose Lamifil for the reconductoring of sections of the 42km route on account of product performance and proven expertise.

Preparing Kent’s power infrastructure for the future
The Littlebrook-Kemsley high-voltage line currently services tens of thousands of businesses and residents across six local council areas in the English county of Kent. Along with several important infrastructural landmarks such as the Channel Tunnel Rail Link, the QE2 Bridge and the M2 motorway, the overhead line also crosses four densely populated residential areas. Reconductoring the line both safely and reliably therefore called for a high-performance solution that could combine increased capacity with reduced sag.

Introducing high capacity and low sag composite core conductors ACCC ICE+ conductor
The solution came in the form of Lamifil’s state-of-the-art ACCC® conductor. The combination of fully annealed, trapezoidal aluminium wires and a high-tensile carbon-fibre hybrid composite core enables significant increases in capacity while reducing line losses and, most importantly, thermal sagging. Lamifil ultimately supplied 110.7km of ACCC® Warwick ICE+ conductor and took charge of various stringing activities and the initial training of the EPC’s personnel. As such, it is the first time this advanced conductor has been used in a National Grid project in England.

Providing reliable power supply for generations to come
As well as securing the required increase in capacity, the superior thermal resistance of Lamifil’s ACCC® conductoring solution also ensures enhanced efficiency, reduced noise and extra-low sag – a primary consideration given the risk of clashing on certain sections of the line. In short, it has helped secure the safe, reliable and efficient supply of power to the region for generations to come.

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