Overhead Conductors

Innovations like the use of shaped wires instead of round and advanced alloys and composites, lead to revolutionary products for electricity suppliers and distributors. Increasing capacity, increasing efficiency, lowering costs and adding environmental friendliness are some of the advantages we offer. Discover our products and innovations here or read more about how we connect the dots for your conductor challenge.

Overhead Conductor Lamifil ACAR


All Aluminium Alloy Conductor

Overhead Conductor Lamifil ACAR


Aluminium Conductor Alloy Reinforced

Overhead Conductor Lamifil ACAR


All Aluminium Conductor

Detailed image of Lamifil Overhead Conductor ACSS


Aluminium Conductor Steel Supported conductors rely on the strength of a high strength steel core. To obtain a good conductivity, fully annealed trapezoidal highefficiency aluminium wires are stranded around the steel core.