About us

Driven by quality and innovation, Lamifil has become a reputed global manufacturer of innovative cable and wire products in copper, aluminium and copper and aluminium alloys.


Our vision

We believe in a world in which a spirit of perpetual pioneering originates smart technology to create value, progress and wellbeing together.

Our mission

Our mission defines why we do what we do every day. It summarizes why we exist and shows how we want to make a difference together.


Our strategy

Combining proven choices with thorough transformation, Lamifil’s four-pillar strategy addresses current and future customer challenges.

Our values

Our values guide us as individuals and as a company. By living them, we bring connections to life.

90 years of experience

Throughout the 90 years of its existence, Lamifil has shown its ability to adapt to a changing market an rapidly evolving customer needs.

Bringing connections to life

Our future plans are based on a renewed strategic brand positioning, which differentiates us in a competitive and globalized market.