Automotive, Aviation and Aerospace

Lamifil has over 10 years of know-how producing aluminium and aluminium alloys for mechanical applications. Whether you are in the automotive, aviation or aerospace industries, you’ll be able to use our materials to produce bolts, rivets, nails and many other products that are typically produced via a cold-forming process.

Other customers use our aluminium and aluminium alloy wire rod in their continuous rotary extrusion processes. Continuous rotary extrusion lines are fed with Lamifil wire rod to extrude solid and hollow products. Extruded sections, tubes or multivoid tubes are often processed in end applications such as industrial cooling systems and HVAC systems used in the automotive sector.

In copper the applications are as diverse as those for aluminium. For the automotive market, Lamifil has developed a new kind of CuMg for signalling wire that requires 77% less section than traditional copper cables, drastically reducing weight and volume. Our ongoing R&D of other copper alloys is expected to result in further savings for the future.


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