Consumer Goods

Lamifil produces aluminium and copper wire, as well as their alloys, for an ever-growing variety of consumer products.

This range is extremely diverse:

  • nails, bolts and rivets;
  • assortments of clips;
  • very fine wires;
  • pipes, tubes and welding;
  • materials used in clothing;
  • materials used in household appliances;
  • musical instruments such as guitar strings;

Our portfolio is always expanding, so don’t hesitate to discuss your project with us. Together with you, we will look at the characteristics of the product you require. We check the end application and take into consideration the parameters of your process whether it is a cold forming, continuous extrusion, wire drawing or another process. Our R&D engineers will then translate your demand into the most suitable product.


Copper and aluminium wire for the production of a broad range of consumer products