Copper Speciality Wires

Copper alloy wires for critical applications in aerospace, medical, automotive, robotics and other industries
where space, flexlife, weight, strength and conductivity are key.


Our unique continuous upcasting production process for copper products offers multiple benefits compared to production using billets.

Our consistent product quality, stability and delivery on coil allows customers to produce more cost efficiently and reliably, while keeping full control of their production processes.

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High-performance copper alloys are increasingly being used for various 3D printing applications, offering multiple advantages. Currently, already 25% of all 3D metal printing is copper-based and the market is expected to grow by 50% in the next five years. But what makes copper alloys so interesting for 3D printing? Read more>>

Lamifil produces pre-material for high performance copper conductors

In certain parts of an aircraft, such as the wings and engines and for certain sensors, the copper wire must meet the highest requirements. For these applications, high performance copper conductors are used. Lamifil has developed and perfected a continuous casting process to deliver pre-material for these high performance conductors. Read more>>

The impact of CuCrZr and CuCrAgSi wires for the medical device industry

Lamifil has been developing ground-breaking copper alloys for use in high-demanding medical applications, including CuCrZr and CuCrAgSi. These allow medical device manufacturers to save weight and space and therefore to develop smaller and more mobile equipment. Read more>>

Saving weight and space in cars with CuMg alloy wires

The automotive industry is increasingly looking for lighter and smaller components to meet cost efficiency, design and environmental requirements and expectations. Meet Copper Magnesium, a high conductivity alloy with good tensile strength, excellent solderability and plateability. Read more>>