Overhead Power Transmission and Power Distribution

The global population is growing. And our demands for electricity are increasing. As a result, new networks need to be built. And older networks need to be updated and upgraded. At the same time, energy production methods need to limit CO2 emissions and the networks themselves need to become more efficient. It’s a huge challenge. Which is why Lamifil uses their extensive experience and expertise to offer you reliable solutions that meet the international standards in force today, and where possible, surpass them to stay a step ahead of the greater demands that tomorrow will bring. We connect the dots for your conductor challenge.



Energy is under increasing demand. As a result, overhead lines are also in high demand. Emerging economies are establishing their networks. At the same time, the developed world is replacing ageing or inadequate power lines and networks. It is estimated that on a global scale, 98% of the material demand is for overhead lines, with underground and undersea conductors filling out the remainder. With their own design, development, testing and manufacturing facilities, Lamifil has already demonstrated their ability to respond to the demand. Our approach? To listen to your needs and respond by researching and producing materials that offer improved performance and higher capacity.


Efforts to reduce CO2 are being made in every industry. A great deal of focus has been placed on energy production methods that make the most of renewable sources. But conductors also have a part to play. Lamifil has investigated and invested in the research and development of more energy-efficient conductors. The results? More efficient conductors with less loss and greater capacity will lower CO2 emissions and total project costs.


Renewable energy is becoming increasingly popular. Offshore wind farms have grown larger. They require high capacity connectors, but many interconnected grids are reaching their maximum transmission capacities. The need for cross-border bulk power transfers are also expected to increase. As such, the need for more efficient, high-capacity conductors is greater than ever before. Discuss the specific needs of your project with the Lamifil R&D team for a tailored solution.

Overhead conductors in flower fieldoverhead power cables and power conductors


  • Increased capacity: Update and upgrade existing lines and conductors, but not your infrastructure.
  • Reduce losses: Better designed transmission lines to reduce losses and increase efficiency.
  • Reduce total project costs: Our lines reduce the number or height of towers in new-build projects.
  • Solutions for special conditions: Tailored designs to withstand heavy ice loads, special wind conditions, long river crossings and any other considerations or issues.
  • Optimised project costs: Our solutions are based on the demands of your project, allowing us to offer the most suitable materials and installation methods.