Our mission

We bring connections to life with smart wires forged by technology, innovation and mastery

Our mission defines why we do what we do every day. It summarizes why we exist and shows how we want to make a difference together.

It contains several layers:

We produce smart wires that literally connect energy, people, cities, parts of a whole. We build connections with our customers and business partners and between colleagues. We create possibilities to exchange physical or human energy and enable people, businesses and things to unite.

Our products are intelligent. they are tailored to address customer needs. We use alternative and innovative technologies, designs and alloys to create unique solutions. We help customers to develop and deploy products in the most effective way.

Our products are based on proven technology, materials and standards. Driven by r&d and supported by our own lab, our engineers get the most out of technology through innovation. We have built 90 years of experience and craftsmanship in the production and application of copper and aluminium wires and cables.