Our ISO 17025-accredited on-site lab is specifically equipped and recognised for all industry tests and international quality standards and can be sourced independently of production by Lamifil.
Product and test standards we adhere to include EN 50182, EN 50540, EN IEC 62420, EN IEC 62219, IEC 61089, EN ISO 6892-1 and ISO 7800, 7801 and 7802, amongst others. Obviously, we can perform tests according to customer-specific standards.

State of the art testing environment

Our lab features a unique and fully rigged testing environment, including mechanical, electrical and chemical equipment. We can supply all necessary copper and aluminium wire products, fittings and accessories. Some of the tests can be performed in icy conditions and/or at elevated temperatures. Our staff consists of highly trained, experienced and multilingual engineers. Fully dedicated to performing tests meticulously, they operate according to proven processes to address any customer need. Located in the heart of Europe, our lab is easily accessible and connected to major economic hubs.

Field experience

Lamifil has over 85 years of experience in cable and wire products and specialty wires, with over 100000 km of catenary wires and 65000 km of overhead lines installed in over 30 countries worldwide. This extensive know-how from real life projects and training in the field allows us to quickly assess any customer challenge and embark on full scope testing without delay. We think out of the box whenever necessary to proactively meet the toughest demands with custom jobs.

Total lab package

As a true one-stop-shop our lab offers all prevalent multi-standard conductor and wire tests including breaking load, stress strain, creep, mechanical fatigue, sag temperature, impact, heat cycle and mechanical fitting tests, amongst others. Our customers benefit from additional test related services including the development of custom testing programmes, possibilities to join participatory research, assessments, analysis and training.


  • ATJ tensile tester 500 kN
  • Tensile strength machines Instron 50 kN/100 kN /250 kN
  • Creep station
  • 100 m span towers
  • Axial impact test
  • 3 ovens
  • Impact test device
  • Torsion test device
  • Hardness meter
  • Cyclic bend test
  • Rotating bend test
  • Wear test device


  • Transformer 2000 A / 4000A
  • DC resistance test bank


  • Spectrometer
  • Oxygen analyser

Products and accessories

  • Conductors
  • Cables
  • Fittings

Our lab is located in the heart of Europe, highly accessible and close to all major economic hubs. We welcome our customers to join us in our testing facilities to follow-up on their specific projects.