Catenary wires

Lamifil’s has decided to focus solely on specialty alloy solutions in both copper and aluminium. This involves a strategic shift away from copper commodity railway products. For railway applications, our PowerFil® alloy is now the cornerstone of our catenary wire product offering.

PowerFil® for railway applications

PowerFil® is a unique alloy with superior properties compared to conventional CuMg. It offers 23% more conductivity than CuMg 0,5. Its benefits include minimized energy loss, reduced CO2 and higher efficiency, increased rail capacity and less use of copper. This ‘green’ alloy offers an excellent alternative to CuCd.

Product Range

We are committed to servicing our customers who want to shift towards our PowerFil® catenary wire product range. We will continue to provide support within the railway product range by complementing PowerFil® customers with catenary/contact wire as required. Flexible stranded conductors are no longer part of our offering.