Test offering

Lamifil’s lab provides a comprehensive range of accredited and non-accredited tests for stranded conductors, contact wires and specialty wires in aluminium, copper and their alloys, as well as fittings. Based on many years of experience performing hundreds of tests for world leading players, we can promptly address any standard or custom demand. We keep abreast of market developments and changing customer demands to extend and strengthen our test offering.

Below you will find some of our frequently performed tests by type of industry. Please visit our full test range overview page for a detailed overview of all the tests our lab performs, or contact us in case you have a custom test request.

Breaking load test

The breaking load test determines and verifies the ultimate tensile strength of a conductor in order to ensure long term reliability under all circumstances.

Stress strain test

This test determines a conductor’s or wire's performance in terms of tensile strength and elongation when exposed to increased tensions levels.
Lamifil accredited lab testing

Creep test

A test designed to verify the long-term creep of a conductor or wire when holding a fixed tension.

Heat cycle test

Heat cycle tests establish the long term electrical properties of all current carrying fittings and clamps.

Axial impact test

The objective of the test is to investigate if the conductor could sustain a high dynamic impact load.

Wear test

A unique test designed to measure the real wear of the contact wire and its evolution in a matter of days.
Accredited lab services


We help our customers to improve the products that they manufacture by performing a variety of tests on samples.