Technisch Aankoper

Lamifil is een toonaangevende wereldspeler in de productie van hoogstaande aluminium- en koperproducten. Met hightech hoogspanningskabels voorzien we miljoenen mensen duurzaam van energie in ruim 30 landen. Meer dan 100000 km van onze spoorwegbovenleidingen doen treinen over de hele wereld efficiënter rijden. Onze innovatieve legeringen worden steeds meer gebruikt voor diverse moderne toepassingen in de […]


Voor de versterking van onze logistieke afdeling in onze site in Hemiksem, zijn wij momenteel op zoek naar een m/v/x: TRANSPORTPLANNER Jouw functie: Je staat in voor de regeling van transportdiensten van/naar Lamifil Hemiksem op een doeltreffende manier. Je bent verantwoordelijk voor de controle van de facturen aan de hand van de juiste tarieven, gewichten […]

Business Development Manager – Copper specialties

Lamifil is a leading manufacturer of high-quality aluminium and copper products. With our high-tech overhead lines, we provide millions with sustainable energy in over 30 countries. More than 100,000 km of our catenary wires make trains run more efficiently all over the world. Our innovative alloys are increasingly being used for various modern applications in […]

Looking back at a successful 2022 Wire edition

Presenting over one thousand exhibitors from 51 countries, Wire 2022 was the long-awaited European wire and cable industry event to be at this year. And so was Lamifil, with an attractive booth showcasing its innovative copper and aluminum-based alloy wire products. This year’s edition – which took place from June 20-24 in in Düsseldorf, Germany […]

The advantages of Aluminum Zirconium alloys

The mechanical and physical characteristics of aluminum can be altered and enhanced by using alloys. Zirconium, for instance, is added to make aluminum alloys thermal-resistant. Or in other words, after the alloy is exposed to high temperatures, it will return to its original condition. More specifically, adding Zirconium to aluminum, inhibits recrystallization and allows grain […]

Why high-performance copper alloys are a catalyst for 3D printing

Since its first introduction in 1990, 3D printing or ‘additive manufacturing’ is rapidly advancing and new applications emerge each day. One interesting evolution is the rise of copper alloys as a very promising printing material offering multiple advantages. Currently, already 25% of all 3D metal printing is copper-based and the market is expected to grow […]

Dennis Vanleene Appointed Technology Director Railway and Specialty Wires at Lamifil

Lamifil is pleased to announce that Dennis Vanleene has been appointed Technology Director for its railway and specialty wire business. In this role, Dennis will support the realization of Lamifil’s growth strategy involving catenary wires and semi-finished wire products in aluminum and copper alloys. Leading a team of process technology experts, Dennis joins Lamifil’s management […]

Key takeaways from our 2021 customer satisfaction survey

Every year, we perform a customer satisfaction survey to assess how our customers perceive their relationship with Lamifil and the quality of our products and services. This feedback allows us to continue to improve and provide added value for our customers. We are happy to share the key takeaways from our most recent survey, rating […]