High quality products

We offer a comprehensive range of aluminium and copper products and their alloys, designed to improve efficiency and add value for our clients. Lamifil advises on the best match for your needs, and where appropriate, even design new products. By controlling the production process from wire rod casting to finished product, we can assure our clients of widest range, reliability and quality.

Speciality wires

With a combination of metallurgical knowledge forged over 90 years, and state-of-the-art equipment, we can offer products in copper, aluminium, and their alloys, with applications as diverse as aeronautics, audio, medical and automotive, to embroidery and musical instruments.

Overhead conductors

Innovations like the use of shaped wires instead of round and advanced alloys and composites, lead to revolutionary products for electricity suppliers and distributors. Increasing capacity, increasing efficiency, lowering costs and adding environmental friendliness are some of the advantages we offer. Discover our products and innovations here or read more about how we connect the dots for your conductor challenge.

Catenary wires

Lamifil continuously develops new solutions to energise rail for the future. From urban transport systems to high-speed rail networks, we design, manufacture and supply a complete range of high-quality catenary wires for railway electrification across the globe. They enable you to run more trains at a lower cost, to future-proof your rail systems, boost network conductivity and lower your CO2 footprint.