Our values


Zeal is the fire that fuels our striving for quality and innovation. It is the spirit of enthusiasm, commitment, ownership and motivation that drives us to better work every day. It is the energy that sparks new initiatives and lets us persevere and be creative in building products to shape a sustainable and better world.

An open mind

New ideas drive our business and personal growth. If we want to continue to develop and pioneer, we need to interact with the world around us. This means listening to others, learning from each other and being responsive. Only with an open mind can we beat the status quo.


What we do, we do better together. Working in team and seeking for partnerships connects our energy to create something that exceeds our capacity as individuals. When we think and act constructively, every challenge becomes a solution.


Respect for people and our environment is a fundamental value. In its broadest sense, it means doing what is right at all times, being honest and showing trust and loyalty to those we work with. Respect is also about being mindful to preserve and enhance safety and wellbeing in our work environment. With a sense of humility, we show appreciation for each other’s work, efforts and opinions. We aim to be honourable and never depreciate or discriminate.