ISO certification

Quality assurance through ISO certification

Lamifi has implemented an integrated policy to maintain a practical but comprehensive EHSQ (Environment, Health, Safety and Quality) Management System. This system is based on its stated commitment to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement according to ISO standards.


Lamifil’s main goal is to provide total customer satisfaction. To achieve this we have implemented a quality management system based on the ISO 9001:2015 standard. Through data analysis and permanent dialogue, we develop partnerships with our customers and put “continuous improvement” into practice.

The whole manufacturing process is subjected to stringent quality controls, which involve checks on the state of the machinery, the manufacturing parameters and the product features. For this Lamifil has highly developed control technology and test equipment.

Because of this commitment to quality Lamifil has made a name for itself as a tried and tested supplier with well-known industrial customers in the overhead conductor business.

ISO 17025

Our lab is ISO 17025 certified and services can be sourced independently of our production. This lab can be used by customers to do factory acceptance tests, audits, and other metallurgical assessments, our service range can be grouped into two main offerings:

  • Research & Development services
  • Quality Testing & metallurgic services

ISO 14001

The quality of our environment determines the quality of our future. This is why Lamifil pursues a policy of continuous environmental improvement. A task of invaluable significance, for which we have appointed an environmental coordinator who reports to the Managing Director. Lamifil not only complies with all legal requirements but has also elaborated an environmental plan that takes into account of the viability of the company and the quality of life of its employees and neighbors.
In 2016 Lamifil got awarded its ISO 14001 certificate which prooves our commitment for caring about our environment.

ISO 45001

Lamifil holds the ISO 45001 certificate, the international standard regarding occupational health and safety which is widely recognised by major certification organisations. The certificate warrants that Lamifil has put in place a solid and well-performing occupational health and safety system, including well-defined policies and objectives. This accomplishment shows Lamifil’s continued engagement to create the best possible and safe working conditions.