Lamifil produces pre-material for high performance conductors

In certain parts of an aircraft, such as the wings and engines and for certain sensors, the copper wire must meet the highest requirements. For these applications, high performance copper conductors are used, made out of high Chrome copper alloys as CuCrZr, CuCdCr and CuCrAgSi. Currently 10% of all copper cables in modern aircrafts are […]

Advantages of aluminum alloy profile wires

Conform extrusion or drawing allows for seamless production of long lengths of profile aluminum wire on coil, as an alternative for billet extrusion. The key advantage of profile wires is that their shape can be tailored to the end product and that process steps can be emitted. As Lamifil uses a continuous process these wires […]

Saving weight and space in cars with CuMg alloy wires

Copper has been a vital component in cars since the early days. A modern car contains up to 25kg of copper or more, mainly used for electrical applications. The primary reason why copper is used in cars is, of course, its high conductivity. And yet, in recent years, the use of pure copper in cars […]

The impact of CuCrZr and CuCrAgSi wires for the medical device industry

In the medical industry copper and copper alloy wire is used in a variety of applications and devices, including catheterization, sensor devices, surgery robotics and pace makers. Rapidly advancing technology, and the need for miniaturisation and mobility are forcing the medical device industry to look for new solutions to meet increasing demands in healthcare environments, […]

How a large diameter wire makes a difference

Wire diameter and length can be instrumental in optimizing your cold or hot forming process and logistics. A bigger wire diameter facilitates a bigger end product, easier near net shape or less forming steps. Longer wire lengths enable manufacturers to streamline and increase the continuity of their production processes. This results in less downtime or […]

Tailored properties for cold forming application

Aluminum alloy wires – typically EN AW 5052, 5754, 6101 or 6082 – can attain medium to high strength levels. The process enhancements in our new casting facilities offer a number of advantages for cold forming applications. The chemical composition of alloys can be finetuned in our casting facilities to get more uniform mechanical properties. […]

The advantages of Octabin cardboard packaging for drawn copper alloys

Lamifil helps its customers with flexible and cost-effective packaging solutions for more sustainable and efficient transport. For drawn copper alloy wire from 0.9 to 4.0 mm, the hardboard Octabin packaging offers several advantages. These are the main ones: Robustness Thanks to its octagonal design, Octabins offer an extremely solid construction that can withstand heavy loads […]

How Desox aluminum wire on coil improves the steel manufacturing process

In modern production of high quality steel, deoxidation is a common practice. During the cooling process of steel, excess oxygen may cause blow holes or accelerate the formation of iron oxides. That is why metallic deoxidizing agents are added to remove excess oxygen from molten metal. Lamifil Desox aluminum products have been used to this […]