The advantages of Octabin cardboard packaging for drawn copper alloys

Lamifil helps its customers with flexible and cost-effective packaging solutions for more sustainable and efficient transport. For drawn copper alloy wire from 0.9 to 4.0 mm, the hardboard Octabin packaging offers several advantages. These are the main ones:


Thanks to its octagonal design, Octabins offer an extremely solid construction that can withstand heavy loads and pressure. Lamifil Octabins can handle up to 1500kg for 1.4-4.0mm wire and up to 1000kg for 0-1.4mm wire.

Convenience and speed

Octabins are quick and easy to set up and fill. Lamifil has recently invested in a new Octabin winding machine that operates at high capacity for our customers.


Octabins are made of cardboard and are up to 5 times cheaper than metal coils in purchase. In addition, you need 5 coils for the same weight that one Octabin can handle.

Storage and transport efficiency

Thanks to their shape, the Octabin offers a better filling rate than coils, which are difficult to stack. The packaging is seaworthy and can therefore be transported over long distances outside Europe.


The Octabin packaging is 100% recyclable and an environmentally friendly alternative to other types of packaging.