How Desox aluminum wire on coil improves the steel manufacturing process

In modern production of high quality steel, deoxidation is a common practice. During the cooling process of steel, excess oxygen may cause blow holes or accelerate the formation of iron oxides. That is why metallic deoxidizing agents are added to remove excess oxygen from molten metal. Lamifil Desox aluminum products have been used to this effect for decades.

Our Desox wire is added to the liquid steel at high speeds. During the melting process the aluminum wire reacts with the dissolved oxygen to remove it from the iron melt. The fact that we deliver our Desox wire on coils has proven to make the steel deoxidation process a lot more efficient.

Because we can deliver long lengths of Desox wire on coils, it can be unwound and shot into the liquid steel much easier, faster and continuously than would be the case when using aluminum billets. Using specially designed cages and stools, the coils can be positioned and switched so that the wire can be extracted efficiently at very high speeds.