Tailored properties for cold forming application

Aluminum alloy wires – typically EN AW 5052, 5754, 6101 or 6082 – can attain medium to high strength levels. The process enhancements in our new casting facilities offer a number of advantages for cold forming applications.

The chemical composition of alloys can be finetuned in our casting facilities to get more uniform mechanical properties. Moreover, by applying milling to the casting profile or shaving to the final wire, for example, we can remove surface oxides and segregation to minimize breakage risks, improving deformation and surface appearance after anodizing. Finally, we are well-equipped to produce a wide range of and customized tempers to reach customized properties. Our process is continually optimized based on long-term experience and metallurgical know-how.

Our alloys for cold forming can be delivered in rolled, drawn or extruded wire with diameters ranging from 2 to 30mm.