The impact of CuCrZr and CuCrAgSi wires for the medical device industry

In the medical industry copper and copper alloy wire is used in a variety of applications and devices, including catheterization, sensor devices, surgery robotics and pace makers. Rapidly advancing technology, and the need for miniaturisation and mobility are forcing the medical device industry to look for new solutions to meet increasing demands in healthcare environments, where reliability, safety and precision are key.

Lamifil has been developing innovative and ground-breaking copper alloys for use in high-demanding medical applications, including CuCrZr – under the brand PowerFil – and CuCrAgSi. In terms of conductivity and resistivity they can almost compete with pure copper, but they outperform Cu-ETP in terms of flexlife , elongation and tensile strength. Because of that, CuCrZr and CuCrAgSi alloys can be drawn to extreme fine wires, of up to 0,025 mm, that remain strong and very flexible.

These new type of copper alloy wires allow medical device manufacturers to save weight and space and therefore to develop smaller and more mobile equipment. Medical wire manufacturers, on the other hand, can produce more cost efficiently as they can generate more output with less raw material since Lamifil casts wire using a continuous process.

Lamifil uses a unique continuous, automated and stable casting process for its copper alloys. This allows us to deliver products with homogenous specifications, dramatically reduce inclusions and offer bigger lots. This in turn, facilitates further processing and offers various advantages for our customers including better metal yield, less production stops, higher line speeds on fine wire drawing installations and end products with superior characteristics.