Copper alloys – our difference is your benefit

Delivering consistent quality and specifications

As our casting facilities are fully automated and process-driven, our customers can count on the homogeneity of our products and alloy specifications. Automated alloying allows us to maintain the exact chemical composition within each casting session and even between various casting sessions.

Certain alloying elements such as Cr and Mg are sensitive to the presence of oxygen during the melting process. As we cast oxygen-free we can avoid oxides that may lead to impurities and inclusions, ensuring consistent quality and requirements of the end product. Thanks to our excellent product surface quality and purity, our alloys are highly suitable for metal plating and less prone to corrosion.

Helping customers to manufacture cost efficiently

Offering excellent breakage ratios, conductivity, tensile strengths and thermal stability, our innovative and high-quality copper alloys delivered on coil help our customers gain efficiencies in their production processes.

We can deliver up to three times more product on coil than traditional billets, enabling our customers to minimise production interruptions, welding interventions and breakage risks. Moreover, our copper alloy products on coil ensure maximum metal yield compared to billets, which can suffer up to 10% metal loss during extrusion.

Because of the consistent product properties we deliver, our customers can gain efficiency and reduce scrap as they do not have to continuously adjust time and temperature parameters for the annealing process.

Increasing process reliability

As a result of our continuous upcasting process, we produce faster and at high capacity, ensuring reliable delivery to our customers. With consistent output and quality we help take the entire production chain for our customers to a higher level, enabling them to decrease lead times and to keep full control of their processes.