Bringing connections to life

Adapting to changing needs

Our 90-year history proves that Lamifil has succeeded time and again in adapting to the changing market and needs of customers worldwide. Driven by our focus on quality and innovation, Lamifil has become a reputed global player in the production of innovative cable and wire products in copper and aluminum and copper and aluminum alloys.

Today we serve the energy industry,the automotive, aerospace and steel industry, and a wide range of consumer good manufacturers.

Starting from our own strengths and identity, a clear mission and strong values, we connect with the future by realising a solid four-pillar strategy.

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Bringing connections to life

Our future plans are based on a renewed strategic brand positioning, which differentiates us in a competitive and globalized market. Our positioning was conceived following a clear definition of our DNA and its mission, vision and values.

The essence is that Lamifil – literally and figuratively – brings connections to life, between people, cities and parts of a whole. We realise that with “smart” products forged by technology, innovation and mastery. Driven by strong corporate values, Lamifil helps to build a future in which value, progress and well-being are created for companies, people and communities.