ACCC ICE+ Hard is a lightweight and super strong composite core conductor, showing very good efficiency and low sag under heavy mechanical loads. It was designed with the most severe wind and ice conditions in mind.

It features a high strength temperature resistant composite core – either standard or ultra low sag – that can work continuously at 180°C, the same cores that can be found in regular ACCC® Conductor or it’s ICE+ Soft version . Trap and/or z-shaped aluminium zirconium wires in a closed design are stranded around the core. Using Lamifil’s high tensile strength aluminium zirconium strands makes this conductor up to 15% (at 61% IACS) stronger than a standard ACCC® design.

Detailed shot of Lamifil Overhead Conductor ACCC ICE+ Hard
  • Super strong and efficient
    The ACCC ICE+ Hard conductor is a very high strength conductor, providing up to around 25% more efficiency than an ACSR at low operating temperatures.
  • Suitable for high climatic loads
    ACCC ICE+ Hard demonstrates low sag under heavy mechanical loads. It can be designed to withstand a 2 inch full-density ice load.
  • Customisable
    Composite core conductors can be designed and optimised for maximum electrical or mechanical loads by choosing the right combination of aluminium and core type. The ultimate goal is to have the lowest possible sag under any given condition, whether that is at a high operating temperature or heavy wind and ice. Next to the standard series, custom designs are possible.
  • Convenient
    ACCC ICE+ Hard conductors use almost exactly the same fittings as the normal ACCC® conductors. Overall, composite core conductors are easy to install with conventional methods.

Section of the new HTLS conductor ACCC ICE+ HARD