Thermal Resistant Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced conductors are a first step to upgrade overhead lines where ACSR conductors are installed but only in exceptional cases where the increased sag due to the higher operating temperature is not an issue. They are available as concentric lay stranded conductors, greased or non-greased, featuring  thermal AlZr wire on a galvanized steel wire core or aluminum cladded steel wire core.

(Z)TASCR conductors can offer a reliable solution for long or very long spans. As for normal ACSR conductors, very high strengths can be achieved by simply increasing the steel section thus increasing the linear weight as well. Their performance related to conductivity, line losses, sag and CO2 emissions is not making them the right choice for normal spans compared to other conductor types. (Z)TACSR can be manufactured in accordance with several international standards such as EN, IEC, and ASTM.

Detailed image of Lamifil Overhead Conductor (Z)TACSR