Qualification SNCF

Lamifil is pleased to announce the qualification of its CuSn contact wire by the French national railway company SNCF (Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer Français).

Lamifil is now qualified for both CuSn contact wire sections used in the French railway network, 107mm² and 150mm².

CuSn is one of the main alloys used for contact wire for the French high speed railway lines. It has a good electrical conductivity and is easy to install. The SNCF specification demands the highest electrical conductivity of the European standard EN 50149 combined with an even higher mechanical strength compared to the same standard. The development of an appropriate CuSn alloy is a critical process requiring the right balance between the electrical and mechanical properties. Lamifil welcomed this challenge and started a research and development program aiming to meet the specification of SNCF.

Due to its advanced expertise in the fields of metallurgy and the production of catenary wires Lamifil successfully developed CuSn contact wire according to the stringent specification of SNCF. By the end of 2009, the French national railway company tested and qualified Lamifil’s CuSn contact wire. Ever since Lamifil takes pride in fully complying with the specification of SNCF for CuSn contact wire for both sections 107mm² and 150mm² based on an in-house developed and fully integrated production process.

Lamifil is a vertically integrated manufacturer casting its own copper alloys. Today Lamifil produces CuMg, CuSn, CuCd, CuCdSn and CuP on its upcasters. These alloys are mainly used in wires for overhead electrification of railway tracks. Other applications can be found where high strength and good conductivity have to be combined with excellent flex life, e.g. aerospace, automotive, audio and electronics.

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