For the Hanzelijn project in the Netherlands a number of important Dutch rail companies joined their forces for the construction of this completely new line between Lelystad and Zwolle. This line was designed to reduce traveling time between Amsterdam and Zwolle, to improve the connectability of Flevoland and to relieve the railway junctions of Utrecht and Amersfoort.

The construction of this 50 km long line was started up in 2007 and it will be in service as of December 2012.

In 2010 Lamifil officially signed the contract with Strukton – Volker Rail – Alstom – Arcadis for the supply of catenary wires, of which they ordered in total:

  • 172 km of AMS feeder cable
  • 158 km of CuMG messenger cable
  • 226 km of CuAg contact wire
  • 25,5 km of Cu cable

Thanks to the efficient cooperation between Lamifil and Strukton and its partners, the installation of the catenary wires was completed successfully and on schedule.