First ACCC ® Conductor in Croatia manufactured by Lamifil

With the help of Elektro Merkur and EPC firm and hardware supplier Dalekovod, HOPS energized the first in a series of ACCC reconductor projects using 192mm² ACCC Rovinj conductor manufactured by Lamifil.

HOPS first ACCC project is a 13 km 110 kV upgrade between Sinj and Dugopolje. The region includes mountain ranges that create a submediterranean climate with hotter summers and colder winters. The region is also susceptible to a very strong wind condition known as Bura. The ACCC conductor’s outstanding resistance to salt air and vibration makes it ideally suited for this application.

Installation of ACCC® Rovinj

Installation of ACCC® Rovinj

Design ACCC® Rovinj

The main design requirements for installing ACCC conductors were increasing line ampacity, increasing line clearances due to increased residential zones in the line right-of-way, keeping the existing towers and foundations without reinforcement and insuring that EMF field limits did not exceed allowable limits. The calculated magnetic field level for the project was 16,84 ?T, which is well below the maximum allowed of 40 ?T for areas close to schools, hospitals, homes and other structures.

The reconductoring design was based on models of lines and their surroundings obtained by helicopter LiDAR survey – incorporated into PLS-CADD.
The engineering team determined that the 191.6 mm² (378 kcmil) ACCC Rovinj was the best economic and technical option for upgrading the line compared to several other alternatives.

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