Lamifil breaks the ice load with new HTLS conductors

Climatic conditions have a major impact on overhead transmission and distribution lines. Conductor design and choice play a vital role in addressing this challenge. Lamifil has developed new High-Temperature Low-Sag (HTLS) conductors that address ice loading and capacity challenges at the same time.

Meet the GAP+ and ACCC ICE+.


Addressing capacity and reliability challenges

Faced with a growing demand for power and the need for upgrading infrastructure, grid operators need to increase capacity while guaranteeing grid reliability under heavy climatic conditions. In addition, these upgrades need to be as cost-efficient as possible, with minimal impact on the existing infrastructure. Taking these challenges into account, Lamifil has designed new conductors with superior mechanical and electrical characteristics.


Built for heavy-duty: GAP+

The new GAP+ is a heavy-duty conductor with excellent sag behaviour both for high temperature and high climatic load conditions. Available in conventional or closed designs, it uses Extra High Conductivity and high-temperature alloys with up to 61.5% IACS. Its Mega and Giga high-strength galvanised steel cores are separated from the aluminium alloy by a controlled gap; a design which effectively reduces sag under all conditions. The combination of steel, galvanisation, aluminium and grease can resist up to 210°C on a continuous basis and even up to 240°C emergency temperatures.

GAP+ offers twice the capacity of an ACSR conductor with an equivalent load on the towers at temperatures lower than 170°C, but it can operate at up to 210°C on a continuous basis. Using conventional materials, they can be designed for any core strength and used in cost-effective grid upgrades. Lamifil has developed an innovative and patented installation method for GAP+ conductors that is as straightforward as a standard ACSR installation.


A strong lightweight with unsurpassed efficiency: ACCC ICE+

ACCC ICE+ is a lightweight and strong HTLS conductor, whose efficiency is unsurpassed in challenging climatic circumstances. It features high-strength, temperature-resistant composite cores that can operate continuously at 180°C. Trap and/or Z-shaped aluminium zirconium wires in a closed design are stranded around the cores.

In spite of their low weight and depending on the design, ACCC ICE+ conductors are 20% to 40% stronger than comparable ACSR or ACSS conductors. Lamifil’s soft or hard thermal aluminium adds another 10% (at 63% IACS) or 15% (at 61% IACS) strength respectively. Showing high performance under climatic loads, the ACCC ICE+ can be designed to withstand a 2-inch full-density ice load.

The ACCC ICE+ can be designed and optimised for maximum electrical or mechanical loads by choosing the right combination of aluminium and core type. In addition to the standard series, custom designs are also possible.


Introduction at IEEE PES T&D in Denver

Lamifil will introduce the GAP+ and ACCC ICE+ conductor in the North American market at the IEEE PES T&D Conference & Exposition in Denver, Colorado (US). More information about Lamifil at this event can be found here.


Visit our dedicated Ice load page for detailed information, including features, benefits and a comprehensive brochure on our new conductors.


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