Preparing RTE’s Avelin-Gavrelle overhead system for power transmission growth

Lamifil has made a successful bid to supply critical components for the upgrade of RTE’s Avelin-Gavrelle power line in northern France. First commissioned in 1963, the existing line is at the limit of its power transmission capacity, leaving the region potentially vulnerable to blackouts. To meet the needs of the line for many years to come, Lamifil will supply over 650km of high-performance AAAC overhead conductors. The future line will not only secure continuity of power supply for the region but also allow for increased exchanges with neighbouring countries and French regions as well as further growth in the integration of renewable energy. Upgrade works are scheduled to commence by the end of 201with the new line being commissioned in September 2021.

Anticipating future growth

With a maximum capacity of just 1,500 MW, the existing “Avelin-Gavrelle” power line between Lille and Arras was originally designed to service 1.5 million people. With more than 1.7 million residential and thousands more industrial and commercial customers now connected, securing continuity of supply has become a major challenge for the grid manager, RTE. At the same time, upgrades are required to enable more effective exchanges with neighbouring regions in Britain and Belgium as well as the integration of more decentralised production from renewable sources.

650 km upgrade with AAAC

The 30km stretch between the Avelin and Gavrelle stations will be bridged by a total of 350km of Aster 570 and 300km of Aster 851 AAAC lines. Lamifil’s supply of these high-capacity, high-tensile overhead conductors will form part of a total renewal project covering the partial undergrounding of lower voltage lines (225, 90 and 20kV), the extension of the existing substations and first-ever installation of the innovative new “Équilibre” towers.

Reinforcing the grid’s dimension

Lamifil was awarded the contract on the strength of its proven track record, the superior technical characteristics of its advanced AAAC conductors and its rapid lead times and cost-efficiency of its solution. Upon completion, the capacity of the upgraded 400,000 volt line will reach 2,300MW per circuit, meeting both the present and future needs of the line. Equally importantly, however, the solution will reinforce the grid’s European dimension, enabling RTE to connect multiple means of production with greater efficiency for greater electrical solidarity between territories and across borders.

More details on the project can be found here.