Lamifil introduces innovative catenary wire alloys at Innotrans 2018

Rail operators need to be adaptive and innovative to reduce energy losses and their ecological footprint, while increasing the reliability of their rail systems. At Innotrans 2018, Lamifil is introducing innovative alloys for catenary wires, to address these modern rail challenges.
Meet PowerFil, ThermoFil and CuMg UHC.

Innovation to create reliable and sustainable railway grids

In order to meet the changing needs and expectations of passengers, governments and commercial entities, rail operators need to keep abreast of new technological developments. As catenary wires are the cornerstone of any catenary system, they contribute significantly to the long-term reliability and sustainability of modern railway grids.

The latest catenary wire innovations offer exceptional mechanical and electrical properties, thanks to superior new alloys and modern production methods. They enable operators to run more trains at a lower cost, to future-proof their rail systems, boost network conductivity and lower their CO2 footprint.

New alloys address modern rail challenges

Lamifil is continuously improving the performance and cost-effectiveness of its products by developing innovative new alloys. It is proud to introduce some of its latest innovations including the leading-edge PowerFil, the all-new ThermoFil and CuMg UHC alloy. Lamifil will be showcasing these for the first time at the Innotrans 2018 trade fair in Berlin, Germany, from September 18-21, 2018.

Powerfil, the superior alternative to CuMg and CuCd
This brand-new, unique alloy offers significantly superior properties compared to conventional CuMg. With 23% more conductivity compared to CuMg 0,5, PowerFil is the top alternative for a Cd-free world.

Minimising energy loss, PowerFil allows operators to save up to 12,000 euros per km during the lifetime of a messenger wire. This highly efficient ‘green’ alloy offers approximately 23% better resistance than standard CuMg 0,5 alloys. PowerFil offers less resistance and heat losses, allowing more trains to run on the same track.

Thermofil, the high thermal resistant alternative to Cu and CuAg
Composed of a unique and innovative alloy, ThermoFil offers a high-performance, cost-effective and sustainable solution. It can be used as a contact or messenger wire for conventional railway lines.

Thermofil offers excellent conductivity, comparable to Cu or CuAg. Featuring high thermal resistance and low creep characteristics, ThermoFil reduces the probability of system interruptions. Requiring low maintenance during operation, this new wire increases a railway system’s lifecycle, while lowering the overall CO2 footprint.

CuMg UHC, the ultra high conductivity CuMg alloy
Lamifil’s CuMg UHC alloy delivers 10 to 16% higher conductivity compared to the EN50149 standard, while maintaining the required tensile strengths. Our (ASTM compliant) UHC contact wires with 85% conductivity have already been successfully implemented in Canada and Asia. Up to 6.5% savings in copper weight are possible, while maintaining high conductivity. Allowing longer substation intervals or reducing voltage drops, CuMg UHC significantly reduces overall costs. Using the UHC alloy, operators can increase train frequency by up to 15%.

Lamifil will be presenting these innovative alloys for the first time at Innotrans 2018, Hall 22 – booth 108, which takes place in Berlin from September 18-21. This worldwide premiere will be invigorated by a captivating virtual reality experience at the booth. 

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