Lamifil addresses climatic loads at Cigré Exhibition 2018

Paris, August 26, 2018

Weather impact on overhead lines affects the reliability of electricity distribution and transmission worldwide. At the Cigré Exhibition in Paris, from August 26-31 2018, Lamifil will focus on the issues of climatic loads and grid capacity, presenting its new GAP+ and ACCC ICE+ conductors on level 1, booth 140.


The dual challenge

Climatic conditions such as wind and ice loads generate extra tension on overhead lines causing them to sag more. Excessive sagging can cause power outages, line breakage, tower or pole damage or even collapse. Permanent excessive sagging is cost inefficient as well, as it requires the construction of either additional or taller towers, thus increasing overall grid costs.

While addressing grid reliability under heavy climatic conditions, operators are also faced with a growing demand for power and have to increase their grid’s capacity. This dual challenge inspired Lamifil to design new conductors with superior mechanical and electrical characteristics: GAP+ and ACCC ICE+


GAP+: the heavy-duty conductor 

The new GAP+ is built for heavy-duty showing excellent sag behaviour both for high temperature and high climatic load conditions. Its design can resist up to 210°C on a continuous basis and even up to 240°C emergency temperatures. GAP+ uses Extra High Conductivity and high-temperature alloys with up to 61.5% IACS, offering twice the capacity of an ACSR conductor.

Using conventional materials, GAP+ is ideal for cost-effective grid upgrades and can be designed for any core strength. Lamifil has developed an innovative and patented installation method for GAP+ conductors that is as straightforward as a standard ACSR installation. Check out the video here.


ACCC ICE+: a super-efficient and strong lightweight conductor

ACCC ICE+ is a lightweight and strong HTLS conductor, with unsurpassed efficiency in challenging climatic circumstances. Its high-strength, temperature-resistant composite cores can operate continuously at 180°C. The ACCC ICE+ can be designed and optimised for maximum electrical or mechanical loads by choosing the right combination of aluminium and core type.

In spite of their low weight and depending on the design, ACCC ICE+ conductors are 20% to 40% stronger than comparable ACSR or ACSS conductors. Lamifil’s soft or hard thermal aluminium adds another 10% (at 63% IACS) or 15% (at 61% IACS) strength respectively. The ACCC ICE+ can be designed to withstand a 50 mm full-density ice load while showing high performance under climatic loads.


Lamifil at Cigré Exhibition

Lamifil will showcase the GAP+ and ACCC ICE+ conductor at the Cigré Exhibition in Paris, from August 26 to 31, 2018 at level 1, booth 140. More information about Lamifil at this event can be found here.

Visit our dedicated Ice load Web page for detailed information, including features, benefits and a comprehensive brochure on our new conductors.


For more detailed information about GAP+ and ACCC ICE+, please contact us.