Managing summer peak demand fluctuations in Croatia

With peak loads in the summer tourist season nearly double those of the off-season, Croatia’s distribution system operator HEP – ODS d.o.o., Elektrodalmacija Split faces significant challenges to safeguard network security and satisfy the necessary n-1 criteria. Renowned for their superior performance, efficiency and versatility, Lamifil’s industry-leading ACCC conductors were chosen to increase the capacity of the company’s Makarska 35kV overhead line.

As part of the comprehensive reconductoring project, over 9km of Lamifil ACCC Silvassa conductor line replaced the existing ACSR 120/20 at this critical hotspot located on the Adriatic coast of Croatia between the major cities of Split and Dubrovnik. The new line more than doubles the capacity in the summer period, with a peak ampacity of 667A, and offers increased clearances at maximum load. Local partner Dalekovod d.d. took care of the installation, using the suspension and jointing equipment from their sister company Dalekovod Proizvodnja ltd. Lamifil’s ACCC Conductors were delivered through the regional distributor, Elektro Merkur.

As such, it is the first time Lamifil ACCC conductors were installed at the distribution system operator (DSO) level on medium voltage lines. This demonstrates the ability of Lamifil’s products to perform in a variety of applications and conditions.

HEP – ODS d.o.o., Elektrodalmacija Split can now rest easy that its grid will be able to cope with peak loads, even at the height of the holiday season and at some of the country’s most popular tourist destinations.