A sustainable, future-proof solution for Delhi’s new metro network

With the electrification and expansion of Delhi’s Metro network in full swing, both the general contractor Siemens and their client, the Delhi Metro Rail Company were in need of a reliable, future-proof and environmentally-friendly solution for its overhead contact and catenary wires. The solution came in the form of high-quality conductoring employing advanced alloys developed by Lamifil, with proven efficiency, capacity and performance as a result.

Capacity for future growth

With the electrification of Delhi’s existing metro system in 2015/16, its extension to include the Noida – Greater Noida region in 2017/18 and more expansion projects, guaranteeing sufficient capacity for future growth, formed an essential part of this large-scale project. Which is why general contractor, Siemens, placed strict performance criteria on all overhead contact, messenger and bridle wires. In addition, the proposed solution had to be achieved with 100% cadmium-free products and come with fully-documented performance standards and proven references.

A reliable and sustainable solution with new alloys

Siemens opted for a complete solution from Lamifil, including upgraded 150mm2 CuAg0.1 contact wires – with significantly higher capacity than standard copper or Cu-Etp contact wiring – and 70mm2 messenger wire and 35mm2 bridle wire, both in CuMg alloy instead of CuCd, ensuring reliable, long-lasting performance within a fully sustainable solution. As such, DMRC is the first provider in India to use advanced CuAg and CuMg-alloy conductors on its lines.

Hitting targets with a positive impact

Lamifil’s total solution for the wiring of the DMRC project not only guarantees sufficient capacity for the entire network today, but also allows for increased frequency and further expansion later down the track. What’s more, Lamifil met the required targets with 100% cadmium-free products, ensuring Lamifil’s technology will continue to make a positive impact well into the future.